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And writer. Yep, both. 

Tami Sussman 



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Buy online or at your local bookstore.

For Adults

A little taste 
Why I'm ditching the razor and embracing my body hair. SBS Voices 

In 2020, there are only 10 people who really want to go to your wedding. Mamamia

The Rise of the Groomzillo. Hello May

Why do people still care so much about the sex of your baby? Kidspot

I'd rather raise a snowflake than an a-hole. Kidspot

I treated my dog like a spoilt only child. Kidspot

Fat vs. F**k | the more harmful F-Word. Kidspot 

What is 'naming remorse' and how can you avoid it? Kidspot

Glossary of strange new terms for expecting parents: 'What the hell does Tog mean?' Essential Baby

Are 'open relationships' still feasible once you have kids? Essential Kids

The Line between 'Jew-Curious' and Antisemitic. 
Hey Alma

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Tami is an Australian-based author with a background in theatre, comedy, spoken word poetry and copywriting. She spent her twenties facilitating creative writing workshops for primary and high school students and her early thirties contributing humorous opinion pieces for online and print magazines. Tami is also a celebrant, the most sarcastic participant in your group chat and a loyal servant to the little creatures in her home.

About Tami

Tami is also a technophobe. Somehow, she made this website herself. You can probably tell ...

For Kids

Enjoy these poems Tami wrote when she was 10.
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Thanks for getting in touch! 

Cover art by ZüG

Tami would like to acknowledge the traditional owners of the lands on which she works and pay her respect to their elders past, present and emerging. 

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